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Building Wealth University has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have struggled in building businesses and looked for a program that could help me understand the things in business that could make it easier, or allow me to go to the next level. I looked for someone that I could go to that could help me know when or how to hire the right candidate for a position.  As my business grew, it had new challenges that I had not experienced before. So I learned through trial and error. That can be very costly.  As I was working on the startup of this business, I wanted to help people build wealth faster through knowledge and increased income. 

Who We Are

The sunrise of your future starts here!

We are common people that have a passion to help others.  We have over seventy years of combined experience in building business and working in the real estate industry. All of us have come together to share the things we have learned, good and bad. 

Our History

Our team has people that started in business as far back as 1971 and had built companies worth millions. The founder of Building Wealth University is a entrepreneur and has helped people build and improve their businesses around the country.